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Dental Implants: Replacement for Missing Teeth

Are You an Ideal Candidate for Implants?

Currently, many dentists and patients are embracing dental implants when fixed bridges and removable dentures used to be popular choices for missing teeth. This treatment gives a natural look and feel in the mouth, protects healthy bone and keeps natural teeth in place. With their predictable outcomes, they are built to last a lifetime.

Are you a good candidates for dental implants?

If you have healthy gums, sufficient and good quality bone in your jaw, and a commitment to proper oral hygiene, you can make a fine candidate for implants. Some may not be ideal candidates, but that depends on your dentist’s judgment and the severity of the patient’s condition. Still it is the health of your gums and jaw bone that counts.

Young patients, whose bones are still growing and lacking maturity, are not ideal for implants; nor are heavy smokers, excessive alcohol users, those who’ve had high-dose radiation to the head and neck, and those with severely depressed immune system. With implant surgery, their healing will significantly slow down, possibly contributing to implant failure.

Other patient groups not ideal for dental implants are pregnant women whose consistency of teeth and gums have altered, teeth grinders, chronic or systemic disease sufferers like those with uncontrolled diabetes, connective-tissue disease, and hemophilia. Bleeding gums, brittleness of bone, and frequent infections jeopardize implant treatment success.

Depending on the dentist’s discretion and after proper evaluation, these patients can still be candidates. As long as there is still sufficient quantity and quality of jaw bone, adequately healthy gum tissue to work on, implants can still be an option for your missing teeth.

Implants for Missing Teeth in Bellingham

Are you ready for implants? If you are committed to proper oral hygiene and regular follow-ups, know from your Bellingham dentist if you are a candidate for dental implants.