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Dental Implications of Allergies

Allergies in Dentistry

If you have allergies to specific items used in dental treatment, it shouldn’t mean that you will keep yourself away from receiving proper dental care. There are ways your dentist can provide alternative methods of care. To be certain you have true allergies to specific things, it is best you are tested by a medical doctor; sometimes people think they have allergies when in fact, they don’t.

Let us look at some allergies seen in dental practice. It is also good to know what it will mean to your dental management should you have true allergies.

Allergies to penicillin affect a small percentage of the population. With allergies to this drug, it means you cannot be given penicillin or any in the family of this class. Your dentist may give you an antibiotic that is stronger for you, in which case both of you will have to be watchful for side effects. A much lesser strength alternative might be too slow or weak in battling your infection which might lead to a lengthier dose regimen.

You might be allergic to certain metals which are commonly used in implants, bridges and dentures. Your dentist may have to fabricate crowns for you that are entirely devoid of metals which can make your appliance more expensive, weaker and prone to stresses. You will have to be more cautious in using your crowns.

Another allergic reaction is one some patients manifest towards latex gloves used by dentists and hygienists. Most reactions are immediate and can be handled safely in the dental office. Yet another is anaphylaxis which may result from dental anesthesia, though rare, or a drug-to-drug interaction with a medication the patient is currently taking.

Patient Safety first against Allergies

Bellingham dentistry practices safe dentistry. It is standard operation procedure to take all patients’ thorough medical and dental history; the littlest details are always considered. For your safety and well-being, our staff are highly trained and equipped in all manner of dental emergencies.