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Don’t Put It Off: A Trip to the Dentist

Signs Your Teeth are Not Healthy

Dental experts say that there are some signs you may not be too aware of and they’re telling you that your teeth are not healthy as you thought they were. Here are some of those signs you need to pay attention to.

Bad Breath

Sign #1: You have bad breath all the time. Occasionally you’d experience a not-so-fresh breath especially when you’ve eaten strong flavored foods, or you’ve had coffee or wine, or just smoked a cigarette. However, a persistently odorous breath is a sign of gum disease. Among other things, poor oral hygiene can lead to a buildup of plaque and bacteria on teeth and gums causing inflammation and bleeding of the gums. If your oral hygiene is good, then you might consider sinus problems or even stomach issues. A trip to the dentist is about time.

Color of Your Tongue

Sign #2: A healthy tongue should be light pink. And yours is white. If you notice that your tongue is coated and persistently of white color, then your mouth is not in a healthy state. That might be because you don’t brush your tongue while you’re brushing your teeth. The accumulation of bacteria on your tongue gives it that white coating and which also contributes to bad breath and overall unhealthy mouth. Hence, the tongue should also be brushed as teeth are brushed; brushing and flossing is also a good way to decrease the harmful bacteria in your mouth.

Bleeding Gums

Sign #3: Your gums bleed when you brush or floss. If after brushing or flossing, you find a bit of blood in your toothbrush or saliva, it’s a sign of distressed gums. While inflamed gums bleed with the lightest touch, even with a toothbrush, healthy gums do not. Gum disease presents with redness and swelling, and if your gums are painful and bleed easily without cause, do see your dentist.

Teeth Sensitivity

Sign #4: Your teeth are sensitive to hot or cold drinks. Sensitivity to hot or cold foods and beverages can mean a cavity is present in your teeth. Extreme temperatures do not usually cause sensitivity to healthy teeth. However, the longer the sensitivity lasts, the more severe is the problem. Apart from cavities, sensitivity might also indicate an uneven bite that is causing some teeth to wear down.

White or Dark Patches

Sign #5: You have white patches on your teeth or you have dark areas. White spots could indicate early tooth decay with porosity and weakening of the enamel, in other words, an impending cavity underneath the surface. A tooth that starts to look darker than the others might indicate a nerve problem. This might be the result of a traumatic injury to the tooth where the nerve inside is struck, the tooth becomes necrotic and darken over time.


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