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Finding a Family Dentist in Bellingham

Dentist Recommendation

A family dentist is considered the primary health provider in oral health, whose main concern is to maintain good dental hygiene and dental well-being. He is the first to see cavities, decay or swelling and the first to diagnose and give treatment. If you keep regular appointments with him and are faithful to his recommendations, you are more or less certain your oral health is in tip-top performance and may not need a specialist.

A family dentist sees patients in all age brackets – ranging from infants to the elderly. It would not be unusual for you to see young and old customers mix in his waiting room while the doctor switches styles to adjust to his particular patients. They make great public relations personas. If you are in the look-out for a good family dentist, check out your locality and ask around. You’d get first-hand experiences from relatives nearby or from neighbors and friends. Your dentist may have garnered a solid and favorable reputation through years of practice, and whose credentials are impressive.

If you have kids in the family or an elderly parent, go see your family dentist. Chances are, he might even be the dentist you’ve been seeing since childhood, as recommended by your dad or mom. That dentist might be seeing your entire family and it’s good to have a friend like that close by.

Family Dentist in Bellingham

The practice has been around many years and is beloved by the community. The expertise and warmth of Dr. Gary Tetrick and Dr. Jill Tetrick and their bevy of affable staff tell you there is no need to look further than Tetrick Family Dentistry in Bellingham.