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Healthy Resolutions for 2018

Better Oral Health in 2018

With 2018 upon us, we take stock of things and resolve to start doing new stuff or following thru with old resolutions. Most people will make some health related resolutions in the list for the new year – going to the gym, quitting the bottle, getting more sleep, and the like. Oral health must figure also in the resolve for change and for the better. Here are some great ideas to begin with.

Make better your oral hygiene regimen

Avoid dental caries and gum disease by being mindful of your brushing style, choice of toothpaste, timing and frequency, as well as your nightly flossing. Remember that flossing prevents plaque build-up in between spaces that your toothbrush have difficulty reaching. Be sure to replace the toothbrush every 3 to 4 months or as necessary, especially when you’ve just recovered from the cold or the flu, to prevent the spread of germs.

Eat better and eat healthy

Reduce your consumption of sugars, starches, and acidic foods that can harm teeth. Sugary foods, snacks, and beverages are notoriously tied with caries and tooth decay. Starches as chips, bread, pasta or crackers break down into sugars that bacteria feeds on. We know acidic foods like citrus, tomato products, as well as coffee and wine can stain and weaken enamel if they linger in the mouth. Consider dairy products high in calcium. Crunchy fruits and raw vegetables, like apples and celery, clean plaque and freshen breath. Antioxidant vitamins, such as vitamin C and beta-carotene, and other fruits and vegetables help protect gums from bacterial infection.

Quit bad habits damaging to teeth

Smoking doubles the risk for gum disease and is linked to many other health issues. There is absolutely no reason to keep it. Other unhealthy habits you should stop subjecting your teeth to are nail biting, chewing ice and other hard objects, opening caps with your teeth, ignoring teeth grinding or engaging in sports without a mouthguard.

Get an in-office whitening

It’s a great way to start the year. Have bright, white and healthy smiles done professionally; it’s a precise and safe option.

Dental Check-ups at Tetrick Family Dentistry

Don’t be part of statistics that say 1/3 of the population doesn’t visit the dentist at least once a year. Every six months is recommended. Have that professional cleaning and can identify and address any serious issues before they become dangerous to your health.