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Helpful Tips To Prevent Tooth Decay

Being One Step Ahead of Tooth Decay

You might know that a tooth cavity is the result of a decaying process. It starts when bacteria attacks leftover food particles on a tooth surface turning it acidic. Soon, a buildup of plaque and tartar will weaken that portion of enamel resulting to a cavity formation. If left unchecked, the decay will burrow deeper involving the dentin and the pulp or perhaps beyond the root tips. Intervention at this point will depend if the tooth can still be saved. The scenario looks dim but did you know that you can still reverse the process at that point before a cavity forms. Here are some helpful tips.

Firstly, always use fluoride. It is the mineral present in toothpaste, gels, drinking water, among other sources, that keeps tooth decay at bay. Both ways, it can prevent tooth decay progression and also stop or reverse early tooth decay. Fluoride replaces tooth minerals that are lost. It strengthens the enamel reducing the ability of mouth bacteria to secrete acid.

Practice the fundamental oral health routine. Protect your teeth from cavities and early decay or reverse the decay by proper and regular tooth brushing at least twice daily, flossing at least once daily and rinsing with mouthwash once or twice daily.

Have a healthy diet. Include vitamins & supplements to aid your diet. Fiber-rich foods promote saliva production that keeps your mouth hydrated. Foods that are rich in iron and Vitamin-B can aid calcium absorption and strengthen your enamel.

Avoid or cut-off unhealthy practices that put your oral health in peril. Habits like smoking, excessive alcohol intake, teeth grinding and clenching, excessive consumption of sugary and starchy foods, and neglect of oral hygiene can do a lot of damage to teeth and gums.

Visit the dentist regularly. Regular dental appointments ensure you are keeping tabs on your oral health status, at least every 6 months. Visitations include a complete oral examination, checking the presence of early cavities, the state of your gums and other oral structures. You will also need to have a professional cleaning done to remove the buildup of plaque and tartar that only a dentist can do.


Prevention is Key in Bellingham

Learn more about cavity and tooth decay prevention by visiting your Bellingham dentist today. Remember what they say – an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.