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Preventing Teeth Stains After Coffee

Tips for Coffee Lovers About Coffee Stains

There are many serious coffee drinkers out there who love coffee for itself. Health perks of coffee are just as serious. Coffee is proved to decrease your risk for diabetes and heart disease. It was also claimed that it makes you live longer. One downside of this very revered beverage is that it can also damage teeth.

Coffee, tea, and red wine, among others, contain staining substances called tannins. They are naturally occurring compounds found in plants that can stick to surfaces, including teeth. Since you cannot be stopped from drinking coffee, at least try to protect your teeth. If you practice good oral hygiene, then staining of teeth should not be an issue for you. Here are some tips to live by, all you coffee drinkers.

Just remember to brush your teeth. Better to brush after drinking coffee, however, it is recommended to brush twice a day, at least. Also, once-a-day flossing is a must to avoid the buildup of plaque.

Drink water immediately after drinking coffee. If you are not able to brush right away, take a tall glass of water after your coffee. It will surely wash away surface materials off your teeth while it hydrates the mouth. You can also choose to gargle with water and spit it out after. Remember that the more water you drink, the less time your teeth are exposed to the coffee and its tannins.

Try to sip your coffee instead of swishing it around your mouth. Sipping ensures that your teeth are in contact with coffee tannins for brief periods of time only. Do follow it up with a water gargle or drinking a glass of water.

Drink coffee through a straw. It can at least save your front teeth from getting stained though your back teeth may carry that burden. A straw helps move liquid past your front teeth, which are more visible when you smile and talk. Coffee can go straight down, as opposed to moving around in your mouth.

Can you skip the sugar?

It can do a lot for your gums and teeth. Enjoy in moderation, but if your teeth starts getting yellow with morning coffee, you might want to try black roast. Remember that sugars can latch onto teeth easily, leading to staining and tooth decay if not removed thoroughly by brushing.

For The Love of Coffee in Bellingham

Let your Bellingham dentist tell you more about coffee and coffee stains. Let’s help you enjoy your favorite beverages and yet, still take care of your pearly whites.