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Saving your Smile from Periodontal Disease

Why Periodontal Disease is not a pretty picture

Periodontal disease is a chronic form of an otherwise preventable and simple gum inflammation. A redness, swelling and tenderness of the gums most times are not bothersome or painful and, hence, you are likely not to mind it at all. If you are too busy to go for dental visits also, you are likely to miss being diagnosed and proper treatment is delayed.

Gingivitis soon escalates into its chronic form and tell-tale signs of periodontal disease starts to appear. Statistics show that almost half of Americans will have the disease by the age of 30, and given that the condition increases with age, we are looking at more people with periodontal disease in their maturing years. Bacterial invasion leading to plaque formation, leading to tartar build-up are making teeth and gums more difficult to clean. Unbeknownst to you, the invasion has reached under the gums and that initiates gingivitis. By the time chewing becomes painful, teeth start to move in their sockets, and gums are pulling away and exposing roots, you are having a full-blown periodontal disease. Remember that this condition is a disease of the gums, and not of the teeth.

Apart from poor oral hygiene, dry mouth and smoking, aggravated by diabetes, heredity, or AIDs, compounded with old dental fillings and ill-fitting dentures, the patient may still find hope with a committed attitude to change and better manage his condition.

Periodontal Care in Bellingham

We at Tetrick Family Dentistry are just as committed to all periodontal cases who commit themselves to expert, proper, and state-of-the-art treatment for this condition at our dental center. The sooner you start with our periodontal care, the sooner we can save your teeth and your smile.