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Periodontal Care

Gum Health

In the efforts to keep their teeth clean, many people neglect the importance of their gums. This is where periodontal care is an essential factor to your oral health.

The health of your gums, or your periodontal health, is just as important as the health of your teeth. Your gums are highly fragile tissues, vulnerable to the same acids that cause tooth decay. To make matters worse, while a damaged tooth can be repaired fairly easily with a filling or crown, periodontal tissue is much more difficult to rebuild when it becomes damaged. This is why reliable, quality periodontal care is a crucial part of your routine treatment at Tetrick Family Dental in Bellingham.

Importance of Regular Checkups by Dr. Tetrick

Your dentist will inspect your mouth for signs of periodontal disease whenever you come in for your regular checkup. This process involves measuring the space between your teeth and your gums. The further your gums have receded from the bottoms of your teeth, the more likely you are suffering from gum disease. Other factors to look for include bleeding, swelling, and a dark, red coloration.

If you are suffering from gum disease, there are numerous treatment options. Sometimes, treating the cause will be enough to allow the gums to repair themselves. Minor cases can benefit from scaling, root planning, and changes in habits that may include giving up smoking. Surgical options may be necessary for more advanced cases.