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Snoring and Snore Guards at Tetrick Family Dentistry

Anti-snoring Devices: Pros and Cons

If you’re a snorer and in the market for anti-snoring devices, there are a couple of mouthpieces and a chin strap you can use to try to make night time easier for everyone. It’s good to arrest or minimize this tendency because of its potential danger to your health, especially if what you got is sleep apnea.

The CPAP or continuous positive airway pressure is the standard treatment for sleep apnea, a small bedside machine that sends air through a tube and a mask over your nose and mouth. It is quite uncomfortable for users, so that makes way for other alternatives, like an anti-snoring mouthguard.

There are two types of this mouthpiece, the older version is the jaw-retaining mouthpiece that pulls the lower jaw forward during sleep, and the newer and more studied tongue-retaining mouthguard which holds the tongue forward. This one is said to have a level of comfort and effectiveness.

One of the benefits of oral appliances is comfort; at least more comfortable than the bedside machine; then convenience, for one has to use it consistently. The other is effectiveness. The jaw advancement appliance works well with jaw-related causes of snoring, while the tongue mouthpiece works for almost everyone. There is no guaranteed solution really. But jaw pain and bite issues are associated with the jaw appliance. The anti-snoring chin strap comes in adhesive varieties, though most are of synthetic fabrics.

By moving the lower jaw forward it will reduce pressure on the throat and reduce constriction. Users who do not like to have any appliance in their mouths will find the strap comfortable. It does have one fault – it can slide off during sleep. Also, some designs can break apart because they use plastic clips, others may cause itching or skin irritation. So choose well according to your preferences, comfort and associated risks.

A Good Night No-Snore Device from Tetrick Family Dentistry

Dr. Tetrick can offer you any one anti-snoring device that works best for you. Consult with your Bellingham family dentist regarding snoring and know more how you can manage the condition effectively and safely.