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The Filth on Your Tongue and How To Clean It

The Importance of Tongue-Scraping

Are you brushing and flossing every day? That’s a good start for a healthy mouth, but you should never forget that your oral bacteria is growing on more than just your teeth and gums. This is why Tetrick Family Dentistry advises that you remember to scrape your tongue as a regular part of your oral hygiene.

Bacteria on Your Tongue

Your tongue has as much potential to harbor the microbes that cause tooth decay, gum disease, and bad breath as your teeth do. Fortunately, cleaning away this bacteria is a simple matter. You can clear away this bacteria by gently brushing at your tongue with your toothbrush.

Most people find the brush uncomfortable on the tongue, particularly when trying to reach the back, so you may want to get yourself a proper tongue scraper. Scrapers are available in many dental care sections, and are designed to clean your tongue with the even pressure that you can’t get with a normal brush.

A good antibacterial mouthwash can also serve to kill off bacteria on your tongue, but a tongue scraping is the only way to clear off the detritus and dead cells that are gathering on your tongue surface.

A Cleaner Tongue Means Stronger Tastes

Cleaning your tongue is an important part of your daily dental hygiene, and there are additional benefits that tongue scraping has for your dining experience.

When you neglect to scrape your tongue, your taste buds aren’t able to do their job. You’re tasting your food through a thick layer of plaque. Blocked taste buds also bring about false cravings and a reduced ability to enjoy your food. It is only by regularly cleaning your tongue that you can properly enjoy all of your favorite dishes.

Consult our Bellingham dentistry to learn more about proper tongue cleaning techniques and habits.