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The Implications of Diabetes on Your Dental Care

If you are struggling with diabetes, you may find that you have particular problems managing your oral health. This is a condition that puts you at greater risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

One of the big problems with diabetes is that you develop poor circulation. What this means for your teeth is that you have a reduced ability to fight against infections, including those that affect your teeth and gums. Further, your saliva is more saturated with sugar than it normally would be if you had a normal ability to control your blood sugar. The bacteria in your mouth can feed off of this sugar and bring about decay and gingivitis. Finally, the medication you take to manage your diabetes may give you dry mouth, which encourages the growth of oral bacteria.

To make matters worse, gum disease can further aggravate your blood sugar level. This can bring about a vicious cycle, with your diabetes fostering gum disease and your gum disease aggravating your diabetes. To avoid this cycle, take care to never miss one of your regular check-ups with our Bellingham dentists, Dr. Jill Tetrick and Dr. Gary Tetrick.