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Worse Than Candy: Other Foods That Wreck Your Teeth

Watch These Everyday Food and Drinks

We all know that candy is bad for the teeth. The high sugar content of candies can build up as plaque on tooth surfaces, even under the gums. Later bacteria attacks the plaque and turn them acidic, and can eventually lead to cavities and tooth decay. Little did you know that there are far more dangerous food stuffs out there worse than candy.

What’s Worse than Candy?

Just as bad as candies is eating dried fruits; they have a high sugar content and are very sticky, tending to adhere much longer on tooth surfaces. They can also get stuck in-between teeth. Skip the dried variety and opt for fresh fruits instead. Another culprit is soda. A 12-ounce can of soda has 39 grams of sugar, about ten teaspoons. Soda is also very acidic. Bottled juice can also be acidic and often contains added sugars, as much as ten teaspoons per serving. It would be better to make your own fresh fruits instead.

Pasta sauce is acidic. Tomatoes, which make up most pasta sauces, are healthy, but they’re also acidic. Eating tomato sauce with spaghetti enhances the damage to the enamel of teeth. The acid in the sauce can break down the enamel and the carbs in pasta help feed cavity-causing bacteria. Another is apple cider vinegar. While it has detoxifying properties, it is high in acidity and can erode enamel quickly. If apple cider is part of your regimen, always dilute it with water, drink it in one sitting, and rinse well afterward.

Coffee and tea are both acidic and diuretic, which means they can dry your mouth. A dry mouth makes you more prone to cavities and gum disease. Popular blended coffee drinks is even worse because of all the added sugar. Protect your teeth by swishing with water afterward. Beer, wine, hard liquor, and cocktails can also do damage. Beer has carbs which can turn acidic, wine is sugary and so are cocktails. Also, remember, the higher the alcohol content of the drink, the more it can dry the mouth. Check the USDA for the nutrient content of foods.

Other foods that can pose a danger to your teeth that are worse than candy, are gummy vitamins, flavored chips, cough drops and flavored yogurt.

Advising Moderation in Bellingham

Ask Dr. Tetrick, your Bellingham dentist, what other foods and drinks considered to be harmful to teeth and gums. While what we’ve mentioned are favorites, moderation, if not avoidance, is key to oral health.