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Painless Dentistry at Bellingham

The Fearful and the Anxious

You might be one of those types who, because of a past painful or stressful experience in a dental chair, so going to the dentist is not the easiest thing to do. A small percentage of people, have a serious fear and will not seek preventive or restorative treatment for any reason. There are also patients that despite their anxiety, will only go for treatment when absolutely necessary.

Dentists understand this fear and take steps to alleviate patient’s unease. Firstly, a dental practice will have comfortable chairs, relaxing background music, lighting and decor, engaging or even fun activities for children such as reading, games, television, other pleasant distractions that keeps patients relaxed.

A huge part of managing patient fear rests in the able and compassionate interaction of the dental staff and the patient. Both dentist and staff take pains to explain prescribed procedures, what to expect, and their outcomes. If they make claims of pain-free, then it must be so. If something may be uncomfortable, they must say so and why. For sedation and pain-blocking, there are options like oral sedatives, local analgesia, IV sedation, and the tested nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, which is inhaled gas that sedates and relaxes.

No Fear, Gentle Bellingham Dentistry

Our Bellingham dentists and staff are some of the most welcoming professionals in the practice. We do our best to understand all patients’ concerns and welcome all who come for treatment and that includes those anxious visitors who range from kids to adults. We let our patients talk about their fears to be able to understand them and to anticipate concerns.

If you are anxious, or know anyone who needs dental services in Bellingham, come over to Dr. Tetrick’s and let’s talk about it.