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Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Often times, when a wisdom tooth grows in, it may present a problem for your oral health. Most people find that their mouths simply do not have enough space for their full set of teeth including their wisdom teeth. The crowding caused by wisdom teeth might push healthy teeth out of alignment and compromise your bite. Further, since these teeth are more difficult to take care of, it is not uncommon to experience excessive tooth decay after the eruption of your wisdom teeth. This is why so many people have their wisdom teeth extracted.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Consultation

We start screening for wisdom tooth problems around the age of seventeen, or when a patient experiences pain in the mouth and jaw. If a problem is discovered, a consultation is required to determine if any or all of your wisdom teeth need to be removed. This process includes a panoramic X-ray, which gives us a look at how your teeth are fitting into your mouth. In some of the more complex cases, you may need to be referred to an oral surgeon.

Process of Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Your tooth extraction starts with a local anesthetic to numb the area around the tooth. The dentist will then open up the gums surrounding the problem tooth and separate the tissues that connect it with your jaw. After the extraction, you may be given stitches to facilitate your recovery. You might experience some light bleeding, and will have to avoid activities that aggravate the area for the next few days.

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