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Crowns: Best Recommendations from Your Bellingham Dentist

The Advantages of Crowns

Crowns restore the function and aesthetics of the original tooth that is damaged or decayed. They protect the teeth and prevent sensitivity to outside elements, keep teeth from drifting or fill up a space between teeth. They also hold a bridge together and cover implants. Even if crowns are the most common restoration option to prolong a tooth’s life, it is not for every damaged tooth.

There are some indications crowns are your best options and, sometimes, the only viable option. A long crack in a tooth, especially if it extends to the gum line necessitates a crown. A tooth like this may split open and will definitely not heal by itself so a crown is your best option. Too large a filling can also endanger tooth integrity, weakening the walls and causing breakage.

If there is too much erosion or wear of the teeth’s top surfaces, common among teeth grinders or in those with frequent acid reflex, tooth material becomes soft and weak and unable to bear stress. Also, crowns are indicated in weakened teeth that have undergone root canal. Finally, there are pediatric cases where these are most helpful.

Bellingham Dentist: Crowns When You Need Them

Here at Tetrick Family Dentistry, our experienced dentists will tell you if crowns are not for you and will provide other helpful options. As in cases when the use of appropriate filling materials is sufficient to preserve and save the tooth, crowns are not necessary, or if a patient’s delicate health prevents the preparation for crowns. Crowns are common and have many advantages, but to be of optimal benefit for the individual patient they must be indicated for the condition.