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Green Tea Helps Keep Your Mouth Clean

Green tea is a great way to enjoy many strong health benefits. If you’re a regular tea-drinker, you’re probably already aware of the way green tea protects the cells of your body from aging and disease. However, many people are not aware that the same tea can also help you foster a strong, healthy mouth.

This is according to a study which determined that the antimicrobial agents in green tea serve to kill off the bacteria that are responsible for tooth decay and gingivitis. Participants in the study who reported drinking at least a cup of green tea on a daily basis were found to be 19% less likely to lose teeth as they aged.

Certain other drinks were found to have similar benefits. Oolong tea was found to feature the same antimicrobial catechins, but to a lesser extent. Meanwhile, green tea that is sweetened with sugar apparently loses much of its benefits. Coffee exhibits no such benefits, while sweetened coffees are quite harmful to your teeth.

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