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Heat and Cold vs. Your Gums

A lot of our favorite foods are supposed to be eaten either hot or cold. Whether you’re digging into a pizza fresh out of the oven or dishing out a frosty bowl of ice cream, you probably agree that heat and cold our among our best culinary friends. Unfortunately, these extremes in temperature are generally not doing any favors to your mouth.

When you consume particularly hot or cold food or beverages, you risk damaging the fragile tissues that make up your gums. You’re also impairing their ability to repair themselves. The problem is all the more pronounced if you’re eating a hot food and a cold food in quick succession. Be mindful of what you eat, avoiding anything that starts to burn your mouth and staggering your hot and cold dishes to mitigate any damage on your gums. In this way, you should be able to enjoy all of your favorites without putting yourself at greater risk of gum disease.

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