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New Study: Brushing Might Not Be Enough for Kids

Kids Who Snack More Must Brush More?

Social scientists and researchers from the University of Edinburgh and Glasgow did a study on the snacking habits of children and discovered that kids who eat snacks all day, instead of just eating meals, were far more likely to have dental decay. It also suggested that brushing might not be enough to protect a child’s teeth, and parents are a little worried with that.

The scientists used statistical models and survey data to predict dental decay among children by age five. According to the BBC, it’s a study of almost 4,000 pre-school children. It showed that tooth brushing alone to keep dental decay at bay may not be enough. Also impacting dental decay and health of children’s teeth are the kids’ snacking habits and parental socioeconomic factors.

The Issue of Snacks

Snacking was actually the factor most strongly associated with decay. Children who snacked all day, those sugary, salty or starchy snacks,and then not eating meals, had twice the chance of decay when compared to those who did not snack at all.

The results also showed an association between “lower frequencies of tooth brushing” at age two and higher chances of dental decay by age five. Among children eating sweets or chocolate more frequently, once a day or more, tooth-brushing more frequently reduced the chance of decay in the end. So if kids snack this way it becomes important to toothbrush more.

The study was published in the Journal of Public Health. The findings in this study is an issue of great importance to doctors and dentists in the United Kingdom right now. Last year, it was recorded that almost 43,000 children and teenagers in England and Wales had operations to remove teeth, according to the National Health Service. This study is just saying that it definitely takes more than brushing to protect your child’s teeth, and that other factors are at play – factors that parents can sometimes control, along with others that might be out of their hands.

Looking After Oral Health of Kids

Letting you know that young patients under our care are well looked after in terms of monitoring and advice to parents. True, it’s not just brushing that can keep tooth decay at bay. Education of parents is also crucial. You can always ask our Bellingham dentists during your appointment about your child’s oral health and prevention of future complications.