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Taking Good Care of Your Dental Fillings

With or Without Fillings: Dental Care is A Must

Today’s restorative dentistry boasts of several dental filling materials available – gold; porcelain; silver amalgam (which comprises mercury mixed with silver, tin, zinc, and copper); or tooth-colored plastic, composite resin fillings and glass ionomer (contains glass particles).

Dental Fillings are Common

A study by the Information Centre for Health and Social Care showed that on average, 84% of adults have at least one filling, and a typical adult has an average of 7 fillings. Dental fillings are recommended by dentists; however, recent research published in the Journal of Dentistry claims that teeth on both sides of a new filling run the risk of decaying.

The possibility of otherwise healthy teeth, that are next-door neighbors to a tooth with a filling, running the risk of decay depends on two factors: how well the dentist performed the restoration, and how the patient takes care of his teeth.

Dental experts say that although restorations also have their limitations, in many cases they are the best available treatment for tooth decay. Patients should not postpone or avoid necessary dental treatment. Whether a tooth has a filling or not, tooth decay can be prevented or reduced by maintaining good oral hygiene. Patients and dentist should cooperate to put in place appropriate preventative measures.

Caring for the teeth whether they have fillings or not is the same. Regular dental visits can determine the soundness of a tooth and its filling material. The practice of correct and timely oral hygiene procedures, such as brushing and flossing, is also must. Diet modification may be advised if patients’ diet consists mostly of carbohydrates. Over consumption of these types of food can be detrimental to oral, as well as overall health.

Dentists advise that after a dental filling has been performed, patients must contact their dentist if the patient experiences continuous pain for over 30 minutes, the filling feels too high, or the filling is hit first when the patient bites down. These measures will ensure dental filling soundness at the very start. With the dentist having done a good restorative job, it is now up to the patient to clean his teeth, because no dentist can clean them for him.

Caring for Your Dental Fillings in Bellingham

Over at Dr Tetrick’s dental clinic in Bellingham, we ensure quality restorations for our patients so as to maintain sound fillings integrity and long-term benefits of our restoration materials.