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The Perils of Vaping to Oral Health

Understanding the Effects of e-Cigarettes on Teeth

Vaping is still a trendy thing to do.

This is in spite of scary stories like possibly contracting a rare type of pneumonia or the gadget exploding inside the mouth. However, it’s been said that e-cigarettes are just as unhealthy as regular cigarettes. Just how unhealthy is vaping to health – oral health in particular? Is it’s effect on teeth as bad? Some dental experts weigh the perils.

How is Vaping bad for your teeth?

To understand how is to know how e-cigarettes work. Essentially vaping requires heating up a liquid, typically nicotine, to turn it into vapor that can be inhaled. The ADA warns that it’s providing heat in the mouth, changing the bacterial presence there and drying out the mouth.

Experts explain that the warmer mouth temperature caused by vaping creates an environment favorable to harmful bacteria. Vaping can lead to dental decay or cavities, bone loss, and inflamed gum tissue. Vaping on the mouth causes inflammation – and can make the mouth even more susceptible to infection.

Vaping is being actively researched and studied, being a new phenomenon. Many consider vaping and cigarette smoking relatively the same, as far as the effects on the teeth and gum tissues. Both methods provide the heat element which dries out the mouth. As the mouth dries the rate of tooth decay increases.

Another effect of vaping is the discoloration of the teeth. Teeth will darken with continuous vaping. Though e-cigarettes don’t contain tar, they do still contain nicotine – which adds to tooth darkening. Nicotine will stain teeth, roughening the enamel surface so that plaque and other colored particles will stick more readily and build up.

Hence, to say that e-cigarettes and vaping is a better alternative to cigarette smoking is just not true.


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