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Children’s Good Dental Habits – Starts with You

What Kids See Kids Do

What your kids see in you and what you do are the blueprint of the future life of your child. When it comes to oral health, you are the best model and teacher. So if you want optimal dental health for your offspring, be sure they see the best practices at home while growing up. Here are some of the ways you can lead by example.

Eat healthy breakfast together.
Be sure breakfast served is healthy – carbohydrates, protein, dairy, starch, fruits and veggies and some sugar – sufficient that your kids will not crave more sweets and sugary snacks and drinks the rest of the day. We know how too much sugar can damage teeth and gums, leading to caries and tooth decay. After breakfast, set a good example by packing healthful lunches with fruits and vegetables for yourself and your children.

Train your kids to always drink water.
Water should be your main household beverage to help limit exposure to sugary alternatives. It can also provide ongoing hydration for everyone’s mouth between meals and after snacks. Drinking water frequently will also limit the length of time food particles remain on the teeth. This is not to mention that the habit of drinking water also freshens breath.

Brush and floss together.
At first, small kids should see how their parents brush and floss their teeth. Following the ADA recommendations, everyone should be able to brush twice a day for two minutes each time and flossing at least once daily. Children can be made to understand what happens if brushing and flossing are not done and if done improperly. They must know that sugar and acid can harm teeth and gums by causing cavities, tooth decay, toothache and host of other problems that can be prevented just by proper oral hygiene.

Have regular dental appointments.
It’s good if the family go together to visit the dentist for checkups and routine cleanings.Children ought to know why dental checkups are important and should not be missed. Make the experience as positive, cheerful and fun as can be. Your dentist of choice must be able to help you here.


Visits to the dentist can be less scary

These are quite simple steps to keep your kids on the proper road to optimal oral health. Start off with a visit to Tetrick Family Dentistry in Bellingham.