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Having the Best Smile: Just Keep These 5 Habits

Developing the 5 Habits for Good Oral Health

Do you know how to get your teeth and gums in top shape and have that smile, the envy of everyone? You only have to develop these easy but great oral health habits. Let it be your standard for oral health.

Take care of your gums. Just do not only mind about your teeth, but your gums as well. Brush around your gum line and don’t forget to floss in between your teeth. Gum disease can cause swelling, discomfort, and inflammation.

Prevent cavities and tooth decay. The best prevention is still good oral hygiene – proper way and frequency of brushing and flossing are key. Also, reduce the consumption of sugary and acidic food and drinks. They attract bacteria easily and cause weakening of the enamel.

Prevent bad breath by discarding bad habits. Halitosis or bad breath can be brought about by certain habits, such as smoking and eating strong-smelling foods as garlic or onions. The presence of tooth decay, gum disease, an unclean tongue, and even a buildup of plaque can also manifest as bad breath. So don’t smoke and avoid too much sugar in your diet. Be sure to keep proper oral hygiene so as to decrease the chances of foul-smelling odor from the mouth.

Prevent dry mouth. Dry mouth increases the risk for tooth decay. Due to decrease salivary production, the lack of fluids enables the proliferation of bacteria and the buildup of plaque leading to tooth decay. Breathing through the mouth, sleeping with open mouths, taking certain medicines, and generally dehydration causes dry mouth. Increase fluid intake throughout the day and chew on sugar-free gum to increase saliva production.

See your dentist regularly. Regular visits to your dentist can avert the occurrence of oral problems as your dentist can detect beginnings of tooth decay and gum disease. Professional cleanings can prevent the progress of tartar buildup and thus save your teeth and gums early from the development of caries and of gingivitis.


Teaching You the Essentials in Bellingham

Get reminded about these top five essentials for the best smile around by regular visits to your Bellingham dentist. We just don’t treat oral problems, we give great tips as well. See us for a consultation soon.