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Could Magnet Therapy Really Manage My Pain?

I’ve you’ve ever suffered from severe dental pain, you probably know that it can be among the worst pain you’ve ever felt. Many people struggling with such pain are willing to try all sorts of crazy things to find relieve their agony, including magnet therapy. This is the practice of using powerful magnets in an effort to lessen pain and promote your body’s natural healing practices.

Advocates of magnet therapy explain that magnetic fields run through your body, and manipulating these fields can have a real effect on your health. Some claim that the magnets act upon your blood, which contains iron. Unfortunately, these claims are highly suspect; while it is true that there is magnetism in your body, the iron in your blood is not in a state where it should be affected by magnets. Though it is not impossible that magnets could be used to heal, the supposed effects of magnet therapy are unproven at best. If you need help managing dental pain, talk to our Bellingham dentist for effective, time-tested dental treatments.