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Is Your Tea Giving You Cancer?

Are you a tea-drinker? Good on you! There are few better substances to put into your body than a good cup of tea. Green tea in particular is known to contain a variety of antioxidants and other nutrients that serve to foster good health, reduce stress, and even prevent cancer. But could your tea-drinking habit also be putting you at an increased risk of certain cancers?

Indeed, a study has shown that people who regularly drink tea have a greater chance of suffering esophageal cancer. After looking at a selection of esophageal cancer patients, researchers observed that those who drank more than a litre of black tea every day were among the most vulnerable.

The good news is that it is apparently not the tea itself that is the problem, but rather the temperature at which it is consumed. Drinking tea at above sixty five degrees seems to put your throat at a significantly greater risk, while drinking it at over seventy degrees is even worse. With this in mind, try allowing your own tea to cool a bit before you drink. A good rule of thumb is to let it sit for at least four minutes after it is done boiling. Meanwhile, if you get your regular check-ups with our Bellingham dentist, you should be able to maintain good oral health.